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South Australia


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Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is a city located in the southeastern region of South Australia. It is well-known for its stunning natural wonders and historical landmarks, making it a popular tourist destination.


There are numerous attractions in Mount Gambier that visitors can enjoy. These include:

  • Blue Lake: This stunning volcanic lake is one of the main attractions in Mount Gambier. Its vivid blue color is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs during the summer months.
  • Umpherston Sinkhole: This sinkhole has been transformed into a beautiful garden with plenty of greenery and a fountain.
  • Tantanoola Caves: These limestone caves are filled with crystal formations and underground rivers, making them a must-see attraction for visitors.


Mount Gambier has a rich history that can be explored through its many historical landmarks. These include:

  • Old Gaol: This historic building was once a prison, but now houses a museum where visitors can learn about the history of the area and its occupants.
  • Centenary Tower: This tower was built in 1904 to commemorate the city's centenary. Visitors can climb to the top for a stunning view of the surrounding area.
  • Engelbrecht Cave: This cave system is famous for its Aboriginal cultural significance and its use as an early water source for the city.

Getting There

Mount Gambier is a 5-hour drive from Adelaide and a 3-hour drive from Melbourne.


There are plenty of accommodation options in Mount Gambier to suit all budgets, including hotels, motels, apartments, and camping grounds.

Food and Drink

Mount Gambier has a variety of restaurants and cafes serving up delicious food and drink, including local wine and beer.

Visit Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is a stunning destination that is rich in history and natural beauty. Visitors to the area will not be disappointed with the range of attractions, accommodations, and dining options available.

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